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Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

´╗┐Fireman plays it safe in the home From Salisbury Journal

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

It is also important to know where the keys to the windows are and to have them within easy reach.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

"If people have Lv Mm Agenda

The new alarms can last up to ten years and the battery cannot be taken out, so taking away the risk of borrowing the battery Louis Vuitton Goggles

and it should not be too near lights because of dust and spiders.

It is also vital for people with young families not to leave matches or lighters within reach of little hands hundreds of serious house fires each year are caused by children playing with these.

He installed a new alarm downstairs and another on the landing.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

Dorset Fire and Rescue also offer free safety checks and smoke alarm installations. People living in the Verwood area should ring Verwood fire station on 01202 844000 and Louis Vuitton Glasses Price ask for community safety.

Every year Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is called out to approximately 4,000 fires in the home and 350 of these result in injury or death.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

Brenda and her husband Derek, live in a 35 year old house. They already have one smoke alarm on the edge of the landing, which Brenda admits she checks often.

And electric blankets should not be left on.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

Pete explained that a smoke alarm needs to be on the ceiling as smoke rises Louis Vuitton Turenne Gm

open fires we'd advise they don't have rugs around them and placing clothes around a fire to dry is a big no no." said Pete.

He advised that if you do have a chip pan fire you should isolate the power source then put a fire blanket or a wet towel over the pan and leave it as long as you can.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

to power some other domestic appliance or child's toy.

Ashtrays should also be emptied outside before going to bed.

Fordingbridge resident Brenda Waterman decided to take up this offer with Hampshire Fire and Rescue.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

For further information and to book a fire safety check phone Hampshire Community Fire Safety on 023 80626809 Wiltshire Fire and Rescue offer free home safety visits. Call 0800 389 7849 or visit

Brenda said: "I'm just glad that they're here. It's highlighted to me several things. It's a good job they're there and there are people like Pete to come and advise."

YOU don't get much for free these days, but what you can have for free is a fireman in your home carrying out a safety check and installing a smoke alarm or two.

"I think we are trying to do an average of six visits a week," said Pete, "What we want people to do is ring us up and get us out. We are especially targeting the elderly and people with young"There are a lot of people out there who don't have smoke alarms.

Brenda did not have an open fire, something else that the firefighters would check.

"If they're not sure of an escape route, we'd talk to them about that too."

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

Louis Vuitton Glasses Price

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