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Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

"global gag rule" that prohibited any international aid organization getting federal money from using even privately raised funds to provide abortions or birth control information. Then there's illegal immigration. citizenship. "First, we have to secure the border," she said at one Sacramento town hall. Next, America needs "a temporary worker program that works." Her website says much the same, with nary a word about amnesty. Boxer, meanwhile, supports "comprehensive immigration reform that includes both a path to citizenship and tougher border security." She also opposes temporary worker Louis Vuitton Capucines Bb Price

create a permanent pool of low paid workers and may actually . increase illegal immigration." And there's same sex marriage. Boxer is for, Fiorina against. "Marriage is between a man and a woman," the Republican said, adding that she supported the 2008 Proposition 8 that aimed to ban gay marriages in California. Boxer: "I support marriage equality." She opposed Proposition 8 and was one of only 14 senators voting against the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act, which allows any state the right to refuse to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states. The contrasts go on and on, through offshore oil drilling (Boxer against, Fiorina formerly for but wishy washy since the BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico), the death penalty (Fiorina unequivocally for it, Boxer saying little or nothing) and allowing children of illegal immigrants to get in state tuition at California colleges (Fiorina against, Boxer for). There's little uncertainty here. On almost every major issue, no one need have much doubt about how either of these women would vote. Fiorina bills herself as a solid conservative on both fiscal and social issues; Boxer has long been one of the Senate's leading liberals. So let's not pretend these two are a modern pairing of Tweedledum and Tweedledee. For any voter who cares about today's most significant and emotional issues, this contest offers a clear choice and no excuse for not voting. Thomas D.

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

Ask the majority of California's registered voters why they often don't turn out at election time, and you'll frequently get a stock answer: "There's no real difference between the two big parties, so it won't make any difference who gets elected." When it comes to foreign and defense policy, there's some limited truth to that. Though it has brought a change in approach to the war in Iraq, electing Democrat Barack Obama to follow Republican ex President George W. Bush brought little or no change to the war in Afghanistan or the way America props up some corrupt governments. Even though Obama has not been as warm as Bush to Israel, fundamental policy there also has not changed. Sen. Barbara Boxer and GOP challenger Carly Fiorina. Never mind that this is the first time California has seen an all female race for a top of the ticket post. Skip over Fiorina's claim that she could do more for California than Boxer. That's a completely unlikely proposition under a Democratic president. Not only would Fiorina take office with zero seniority in the Senate, but it's absurd to think Obama would do her any favors after she spent much of her campaign trashing him and his policies, almost all supported by Boxer. Most potential voters will likely be less interested in all that than what Fiorina might support and what Boxer has backed. That's where the differences become huge. They became extremely obvious early this month in the pair's lone debate of the campaign. Start with abortion, where a summertime Field Poll found about 70 percent of Californians still solidly believe in a woman's right Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette to choose. Boxer and Fiorina could not be farther apart. "Carly is pro life," her website flatly says, without qualification. "Carly believes that life begins at conception. She earned an A rating from the National Right to Life Committee." Boxer's website: "Sen. Boxer is recognized as the Senate's leader in the fight to protect a woman's right to choose so that reproductive decisions stay out of the hands of government and remain between a woman and her doctor." Boxer led the Senate fight to end a Bush imposed Vintage Lv Luggage

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

´╗┐Fiorina contest sets up stark differences

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

programs because they've always been "designed to Louis Vuitton Artsy Price

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mini Pochette

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