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In addition to its high caffeine content, coffee beans contain at least 800 different phytochemical compounds that could benefit the human body. Amongst them are cafestol and kahweal diterpenes, which accelerates the elimination of carcinogenic substances; caffeic and chlorogenic acids, which are powerful antioxidants; as well as a selection of other polyphenols with well defined health benefits. A recent analysis of 60 studies shows that regular coffee drinkers have an approximately 20% risk of developing cancer, which is lower than the one for people who don't drink coffee at all, or do only rarely (1). This protective effect is found for many types of cancer (bladder, mouth, colon, esophagus, endometrium, brain), but seems to be particularly pronounced when it comes to liver cancer: people who regular drinking coffee have a 45% Louis Vuitton Tote Black

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

to wake us up, stimulation characterized by reduced fatigue and heightened awareness. Caffeine is behind this effect: in fact, caffeine makes its way to the brain very quickly (five minutes following ingestion), where it causes, through various complex mechanisms, an increase in the levels of dopamine in the body, as well as stimulation of the nervous system. The sensation of pleasure caused by the stimulating effect of coffee easily encourages many to keep drinking it and can, like any other psychoactive drug, cause a certain level of dependency. Fortunately, coffee is not a drug like many others; it is instead considered a very complex beverage that contains large quantities of phytochemical compounds with various functions within the body.

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

less risk of developing this type of disease.

patterns. In reasonable quantities, however (meaning between three and four coffees per day), this drink appears to have a positive impact on the prevention of cancer.

A stimulating drink

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

´╗┐Fighting cancer with coffee

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

With an average individual consumption of 4.5 kilograms per year, coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular beverages in industrialized countries. The attraction is in large part the result of coffee's ability Louis Vuitton Bags 2018 Summer

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

Rich in phytochemical compounds

While it is best known for its stimulating effect, coffee can also have many associated health benefits. For example, many recent studies have suggested that regular coffee drinkers had a smaller risk of developing certain types of cancer, including breast cancer.

All of this goes to show that coffee is another example of the huge potential of compounds found in plant based products that can interfere with the development of many chronic diseases. Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber However, as is the case with our diet in general, moderation should still be exercised: in high quantities, caffeine can cause gastro esophageal reflux and ulcers, and disrupt your sleep Louis Vuitton Artsy Monogram

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

In another recent study, a team of Swedish researchers found that women who drink substantial amounts of coffee (five or more cups per day) saw their risk of developing breast cancer drop by 20%, compared to those who drank a cup or less per day (2). This protective effect found in coffee is particularly spectacular for a cancer sub type called ER negative (a tumour that is not driven by estrogen), where a 57% risk reduction was seen amongst coffee drinkers. This result is interesting, as ER negative tumours account for about one third of breast cancers and are responsible for a higher mortality rate, because of their resistance to treatment.

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

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