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Monogram Lv Wallet

Monogram Lv Wallet

Monogram Lv Wallet

Monogram Lv Wallet

domestically and internationally every college break to serve in various projects. All teams undergo a detailed application and training process that includes cultural awareness, skills training, and travel and medical insurance procedures. The college currently has teams serving in Canada, Texas and the Midwest.For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and Mobile Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

Monogram Lv Wallet

in Haiti.The college has been nationally recognized for their strong emphasis with mission endeavors and sends teams both Lv Metis Monogram

Monogram Lv Wallet

PRESS RELEASE FROM HANNIBAL LAGRANGE COLLEGE A fifteen member team from Hannibal LaGrange College was involved in a truck accident on Sunday afternoon, May 16, while serving on a mission trip in Monogram Lv Wallet Haiti. The team of nine female students, five male students and a faculty sponsor were a day from concluding an eight day mission trip to Carries, Haiti, when the engine and brakes in the large truck in which they were traveling outside Port Au Prince, Haiti, stopped functioning. As the truck, filled with the HLG team and fifteen Haitians, began picking up speed down the hillside road, the driver made the decision to turn the truck into the mountainside to stop the vehicle and avoid a cliff in the near distance. As he maneuvered the truck into the mountainside, passengers were tossed back and forth in the bed of the large side paneled truck and many were thrown from the vehicle. The quick action by the driver brought the truck to a stop only ten feet from the cliff edge, saving all 30 passengers.All passengers were injured in the accident, some with cuts, bruises and "road rash" (a term used to describe injuries caused by being thrown onto the rocky roadside), while others sustained more serious injuries including broken bones, broken ribs, neck injuries and head concussions. Those students who were slightly injured began assessing the situation and medical conditions of the team and the Haitian passengers. One HLG nursing student, who graduated only days before the trip, immediately began triage procedures and evaluated the cases and injuries that needed immediate medical attention. The nursing grad, who was suffering from a head injury of his own, was credited for saving lives by his quick response and medical knowledge.The team was only a few miles from the Port Au Lv Iena

Monogram Lv Wallet

´╗┐Five members of HLG mission team injured in Haiti

Prince airport where a University of Miami medical team was stationed. The medical team airlifted four students (one of these students was uninjured but traveled with the team to serve as support) and faculty sponsor to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL. The remaining ten students were treated and boarded their original return flight back to the states. These students arrived in St. Louis at 12:15 in the morning on Tuesday, May 18, and were immediately transported to a St. Louis hospital for further tests, x rays, CT scans and evaluations. Nine students were treated and released while one student was admitted for further testing and observation.At the time of this writing, the students and faculty sponsor airlifted to Miami are still undergoing treatment. The students are improving each day with hopes to return to their homes in a few days. Parents of the seriously injured students traveled to Miami to care for their children. The faculty sponsor suffered the most severe injuries and is still in serious condition in the ICU unit at the Miami hospital. The family and HLG community requests continued prayer for the injured sponsor.This trip was originally scheduled for early March 2010 during the college spring break week. However, due to the devastating earthquake in Haiti earlier this year, the team was unable to travel to the country at that time, so the trip was rescheduled for May 10 17. The purpose of the eight day trip was to help in earthquake disaster relief efforts as well as work with an orphanage and school in Carries, Haiti. The college has been sending teams to Haiti for the past four years to work with missionaries living Wallet Lv Men

Monogram Lv Wallet

Monogram Lv Wallet

Monogram Lv Wallet

Monogram Lv Wallet

Monogram Lv Wallet

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