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Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

Contact the State Legislature to request a formal inquiry into fiscal and personnel mismanagement at NorthWest Arkansas Community College during this president tenure as well as questionable practices of the NWACC Board of Trustees under its current leadership.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

Sign No. 4: Double messages are delivered with a straight face.

Sign No. 13: You are expected to feel lucky to have a job and know you could lose it if you don toe the line.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

Sign No. 12: Resources are tightly controlled.

Sign No. 14: Rules are enforced based on who you are rather than what you do.

Keep on beating it Mike. The fact that there was not allowed any due process on this matter is absurd. Panieitz and her lapdog Board need to remember that they answer to us, the taxpayer, ultimately. By doing what they did and not letting Parsons speak his piece, they basically gave the Queen of England her sceptre to rule over the college however she sees fit with no worry of any silly things like facts and accountability. She needs to be held accountable to someone other than herself. Because it all points to herself and its morale compass being all kinds of out of whack.

The Board has chosen that good judgement will not prevail. The Board has determined that protecting one individual has more importance than their fiduciary responsibility to the college and students.

Sign No. 3: If by chance there are problems, the usual solution is a motivational seminar.

Although clear conflict of interest was proven by the college president fear of media and taxpayer scrutiny over whistleblower esque financial disclosures and intense loathing for a man who sought to better the college, not simply provide her with endless discretionary funds (not to mention ask any board member in their full leadership role if they did or did not receive an email from a former NWACC CFO who entirely corroborated Mr. Parsons story of bullying and forced resignation), the appeal was dismissed based on the board being a strictly policy governance board. Do only slight research and find that one line item in the memorandum handed to Mr. Parsons at his termination which stated Mr. Parsons was told by the president to not contact the state attorney general that was actually a written demand of a board of trustees member, not the president. That sounds about as close to day to day operations as one can get. So it becomes fairly clear why those closest to the president fought viciously against the rest of the board hearing an appeal.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

surfacing which further implicate NWACC leadership and the Trustees. This whole thing reeks of make it up as you go, revisionist history, and cover up. Blink, blink, just where do you think the money will come from to fund lawyers for the college? Oh yeah, that right from funds earmarked for other purposes. What a ridiculous, naive, irresponsible statement.

Sign No. 7: Directions are ambiguous and often vaguely threatening.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

Donors, public, leaders pay attention.

Sign No. Turenne Louis Vuitton

Sign No. 9: Decisions are made at the highest level possible.

Sign No. 8: Internal competition is encouraged and rewarded.

Sign No. 10: Delegating means telling somebody to do something, not giving them the power to do it.

It sure appears that pieces of the real story keep Louis Vuitton Alma Bb Limited Edition

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

Sign No. 11: Management approaches from the latest best seller are regularly misunderstood to mean what we doing already is right on the mark.

Sign No. 1: Conspicuously posted vision or value statements are filled with vague but important sounding words like "excellence" and "quality."

Sign No. 5: History is regularly edited to make executive decisions more correct, and correct decisions more executive than they actually were.

When the leading PR relations person writes a defense of this situation, submitting a clear and known lie to a newspaper yes another CFO was bullied out of his job, one with decades of quality and valued state service, and everyone knows this what does it say about an institutions leadership? THIS is why these leaders behave the way they do. They can Louis Vuitton Glasses Case lie in print, in terminations, wearing an NWACC badge and this community stands for it.

As irregularities regarding this situation continue to surface, you would think that some Trustees would have the good sense to stand up and say enough. no, shout enough!

Who driving the financial ship right now? Enrollment numbers are down so budgets will more than likely be affected. Folks I keep a watchful eye on unspoken for funds otherwise with current leadership we end up with new presidential drapes and zero for the students. The side endeavors I hear about in the community (Becky Book Club, money raised for student scholarships) how does that line out? Student fees were just raised recently. Are they being appropriately dispersed? I worried about the financial future of our college. Sounds like the one sure that could have supported this college during down enrolment was fired by a petulant leader. How is the college in this dire of straits? Did the budget office not see this coming down the pike long before Parsons stepped foot in Arkansas?

Sign No. 6: People are discouraged from putting things in writing.

´╗┐Flogging a 'dead horse'

Sign No. Louis Vuitton Purse Price In India

15: The company fails the Dilbert Test.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

2: Bringing up a problem is considered as evidence of a personality defect rather than as an observation of reality.

I agree with previous posters, that directly contacting State representatives and the NWACC Board of Trustees is the proper thing to do, if done respectfully. Stooping to unethical behaviors as NWACC leadership have done is not acceptable. This latest travesty, CFO Parsons termination, is not going to quietly fade away. Too many are outraged and have watched this type of thing for too long.

The president of the college has surrounded herself with board members that have either behaved unethically and cannot be found out, staff with history of questionable dismissal from employment, staff that have behaved abhorrently while on taxpayer missions AND that she has assisted in rescuing in the name of NWACC. These people have no viable options but to defend her motives while keeping their heads half down, trampling the best and brightest to save themselves.

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

Louis Vuitton Glasses Case

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