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About a week after he failed to show at the scheduled March hearing, City Pages received a call from a source claiming that Fitzpatrick was in Minneapolis and working under an assumed name in his old line of business. Several weeks later, another source called and claimed that Fitzpatrick was not only in town, but was working for Rosenfeld again. The caller added that Fitzpatrick Lv Monogram Pattern

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Vuitton Messenger

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´╗┐Fitzpatrick Follies

It isn't the first time Fitzpatrick has gotten off easy on drug charges. Following his relocation to Minneapolis in the late 1970s in conjunction with the federal witness protection program, he was busted in 1986 for DWI and cocaine possession after being stopped by Minneapolis police for driving suspiciously. Although he was fined for drunk driving, the narcotics charge was curiously dismissed. In his arrest report, the only explanation for the discharge was an undated, handwritten note that read "Viol. drug ordinance dismissed."

Fitzpatrick kept a low profile for a few years at least in the eyes of the law during which he spent part of his time working as a gold and coin dealer for a Minneapolis company, Investment Rarity Group. But in November 1993, Fitzpatrick was once again on the police blotter. He and the president of the company, Clickkeyword[Harlan+Rosenfeld]" >Harlan Rosenfeld, were charged with possession of crack cocaine. Fitzpatrick was charged with 5th degree possession (a charge that could yield up to five years in prison), and Rosenfeld was additionally charged with intent to sell.

Vuitton Messenger

When CP phoned Investment Rarity Group, Harlan Rosenfeld flatly denied rehiring Fitzpatrick, and said that he wanted to "leave the past behind." Rosenfeld concedes that he has spoken to Fitzpatrick but says it was strictly coincidental. "I just bumped into him on the street," he claims. And as to Fitzpatrick's current activities, Rosenfeld offers a vague explanation: "I think he shuttles back and forth between here and [New York]. I really don't know."

Vuitton Messenger

was once again peppering his conversation with intimations of high intrigue: "He said that he was in the witness protection program again, and that the Mob was after him." Fitzpatrick reportedly declined to say why mobsters were pursuing him, Lv Turenne Nano

Vuitton Messenger


were no other charges against him and he didn't receive any special treatment," says Johnson. And according to Burke, the length of time it took for the case to come to court is the fault of the judicial system rather than the defendant. "The fact that we are disposing of a '93 case now speaks volumes about the problems with drug cases," he says. Burke maintains that the now separate drug court will fast track such cases.

WHEN Clickkeyword[Michael+Fitzpatrick]" >MICHAEL FITZPATRICK captured local and national headlines in the winter of 1995, it was merely the latest episode in a lifetime spent playing both sides of the law. Prior to surfacing as the would be hitman in the Clickkeyword[Qubilah+Shabazz]" >Qubilah Shabazz murder for hire case, Fitzpatrick had been arrested on narcotics charges in November 1993. "It was Vuitton Messenger a routine matter. There Lv Speedy 30

Vuitton Messenger

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