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Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

by Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag

between 2004 with 1,023 to 3,830 in 2006, according to the latest figures available.

But the Conservatives, who uncovered the figures, seized on them as proof Lv Mini Noe

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

Nationally the number of women aged 16 25 issued with penalty notices for drunken disorder almost doubled from 1,853 in 2004 to 3,561 in 2006, while the number issued to men of the same age went up

67 per cent.

But it is not only children who appear to have a problem with booze across West Yorkshire. The number of on the spot fines handed out to men and women across the county has more than tripled

Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said: "This is very disturbing research. The fact that the number of young women receiving penalty notices for disorder has doubled is an alarming symptom of

´╗┐Figures reveal county's booze shame From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Only seven shops and pubs or clubs received maximum fine of 1,000 for selling to under 18s during the same year. And, since new laws were introduced in 2003, just two people have been prosecuted

of Britain's "broken society".

The Government is considering putting health warnings on alcohol, banning happy hours and stopping supermarkets selling cheap drink to tackle Britain's spiralling booze problem.

Councillor Martin Smith, Bradford Council's executive member for community safety, said: "There possibly is a worrying trend here and people need to stop selling alcohol so cheaply.

for selling alcohol to a drunken person, though only one of those was convicted.

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

Thirty nine children under 15 were prosecuted in the county's courts out of 475 in 12 months nationally, according to figures released to Parliament.

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

In England, almost 1.6 million men are considered "high risk" drinkers, downing more than 50 units of alcohol a week, and so are more than a million women, who are drinking more than 35 units a.

A further 70 ten to 15 year olds in West Yorkshire were given a police caution for drunk and disorderly charges in 2006.

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

"Conservatives would target the irresponsible retailers of alcohol who sell to underage and drunk people, as well as looking at tackling the sale of recklessly cheap Lv Turenne Pm Price

Anti binge drinking campaigns have been running for two years across the city, with particular focus on under age drinking. More initiatives are also in the pipeline, Coun Smith said.

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite


Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

educating young people about the dangers of drinking too much."

And there was an increase in people cautioned over their raucous behaviour with an increase of more than 147 per cent from 415 to 1,025.

They pledged to reverse 24 hour drinking and and ban loss leader sales of alcohol to prevent the sale of cut prize booze.

our broken society.

"There is a lot of work going on across Bradford and West Yorkshire to reduce problems Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite around drinking and preventative measures. Currently 94.7 per cent of Bradford schools are involved in

Lv Keepall 45 Damier Graphite

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