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Lv Venus Bag Price

Lv Venus Bag Price

Lv Venus Bag Price

Lv Venus Bag Price

The fire did not start in any of the suites that were being used to grow marijuana.

Lv Venus Bag Price

"It was a very time consuming and very difficult job," said Grootendorst.

Lindgren and her sister Janice remain worried about where they are going to live once their three day allowance for food, clothing and shelter runs out.

Firefighters had to pull down the ceilings of every suite on the top floor to attack the fire. The roof had eight layers of tar on it.

The District of Maple Ridge and province's emergency services covered the costs of the move for residents as only two units had fire insurance.

Kary Movers were hired to help move and store what remains of the tenants' possessions. Nothing could be saved from the third floor.

In one suite, there were still Christmas cookies on trays and baking supplies on the counter because the tenant was in the middle of baking treats for the holidays when the fire started.

"They don't belong there. It's just not Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Replica

Most of the people who lived in the wood frame building got out safely, but an elderly couple had to be rescued by ladder from a third floor balcony after hallways filled with smoke and flames shot through the roof.

Kary Movers worked through the weekend to move stuff from the building to a warehouse in Surrey.

Police seized the pot plants, but are not pursuing charges.

A fire that ripped through the top floor of an apartment building in Maple Ridge on Thursday, leaving dozens of people homeless before Christmas, started in a unit next to one with a large marijuana grow operation.

had to extinguished a flare up Friday morning.

Lv Venus Bag Price

James Cousineau, with the moving company, said it was sad to go into suites and see the charred remains of Christmas decorations.

"I just bought all my Christmas presents."

´╗┐Fire in apartment leads to marijuana growop

"It had huge potential for loss of life. It was a very serious fire," said fire chief Peter Grootendorst.

Lv Venus Bag Price

Grootendorst was shocked to find evidence of three grow ops in close proximity to each other in a multi storey Lv Venus Bag Price building, filled with people.

As crews rushed from suite to suite, they discovered a large clone lab with 1,200 small marijuana plants on the third floor.

Lv Venus Bag Price

Lv Venus Bag Price

Firefighters led other tenants, disoriented by smoke, outside.

Crews remained on scene overnight and Lv Bag Charm

People were also growing marijuana in closets in two other apartments on the same floor.

"Everyone stepped up at this special time of year to do everything they could to help these people in a time of need," he added.

A dog was trapped inside the apartment where the fire started, but escaped when firefighters opened the front door.

Grootendorst said the man who lived in the suite where the fire started has no idea what caused it, but the fire department suspects it may have been electrical.

The blaze started in a suite on the third floor of the building at 22355 McIntosh Ave.

Lv Venus Bag Price

"He yelled, 'mom you've got to get up,'" said Lindgren, who ran outside dressed only in a coat as thick black smoke billowed out of the building.

Nineteen of 30 tenants were housed in a hotel over the weekend, while others are bunking with friends and family.

blaze down the hall after smoke alarms sounded.

safe," he added, pointing to the high intensity lights, the heat, the mildew and mold associated with do it yourself grow ops.

Lv Venus Bag Price

Eva Lindgren was asleep in her suite on the third floor, but was woken up by her son, who was alerted to the Lv Wallet Damier

"Everything in the apartment is gone," said Lindgren, whose sister is an epileptic.

The "stubborn" fire made its way through the ceiling into the attic space of the building, that is estimated to be 40 years old.

Lv Venus Bag Price

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