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Lv Travel Bags For Men

S Green Stamps were a staple of shopping in America for almost a century, starting in 1896 as the first major rewards program for shopping. Participating stores, usually grocery stores, would give away a certain number of stamps per dollar of purchase. Shoppers would paste stamps into books that, when full, could be redeemed for various items listed in the S catalog.

Lv Travel Bags For Men

"We had the books all over the place," said Bill Neault, Shirley's husband, looking back on his childhood in Lowell, Mass. "My Lv Travel Bags For Men mom used to religiously do it. I Limited Edition Louis Vuitton 2018

"We get calls at least a couple, three days a week," said Al Smith, senior vice president of operations at ProLogic, the Florida based company that owns and runs greenpoints. "We do redeem stamps for points on the website.

Lv Travel Bags For Men

used to go with Lv Belt Bag

Her customer found the books while cleaning out an attic and almost tossed them, she said, and she didn't want other people making that mistake.

Lv Travel Bags For Men

When you work in a post office, you see a lot of surprising stuff. But Shirely Neault, of Hudson, was really surprised recently when a customer told her the contents of a package: books of S Green Stamps, getting redeemed.

"I wanted to let people know they were still worth something," Neault said.

The physical Green Stamp business ended in the late 1980s, but a digital version, called S greenpoints, is still going strong and still redeeming books of physical stamps.

her to the S store to redeem them.

She was so astonished that she called The Telegraph's newsroom to spread the word. Louis Vuitton Backpack Justin Bieber

Lv Travel Bags For Men

Lv Travel Bags For Men

Lv Travel Bags For Men

´╗┐Find books of Green Stamps in your grandparents' attic

The digital "rewards card" that many grocery stores use has the same purpose: to give customers a reason not to shop elsewhere, which retailers call loyalty marketing.

Lv Travel Bags For Men

Green Stamps were so successful that a variety of copycats and spinoffs were created, including Gold Stamps, Top Value stamps and even Plaid Stamps.

"I said, 'I didn't know those were still around!'" Neault said.

Lv Travel Bags For Men

Lv Travel Bags For Men

S stands for Sperry Hutchinson, the firm that created them.

"I remember very vividly the books. To hear that you can still redeem them is rather shocking to me."

Lv Travel Bags For Men

Lv Travel Bags For Men

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