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Lv Sunglasses Women

in law had already arranged to accompany me so instead we went out for a meal. As I could taste nothing I went for a spicy prawn cocktail. Although a starter it was the right quantity for me at this point. I got some sensation of taste but not much.

Lv Sunglasses Women

Lv Sunglasses Women

I will never forget the relief when given some morphine. It was administered orally in a syringe and I was like a greedy lamb being hand fed as I latched onto it. It worked wonders for the pain but, alas it seemed I did a pretty good impression of the matron character played by Hattie Jacques on an illegal stimulant.

Lv Sunglasses Women

Lv Sunglasses Women

Lv Sunglasses Women

AS I told you last time I acquired a bad case of oral thrush during my early chemo treatments. Like any infection it altered my blood counts and a delay was advised for the following cycle of treatment.

Lv Sunglasses Women

´╗┐Fire ants in my fingers

All my fears of not being in control surfaced and I abruptly quizzed the staff about my treatment, as though I had the slightest idea what I was talking about.

Lv Sunglasses Women

Lv Sunglasses Women

Lv Sunglasses Women

As I Lv Sunglasses Women left the CDU the doctor informed me very nicely that he was referring me to a dietician. "Oh dear and we were getting on so well," I told him laughingly.

What I did get was indigestion from the high chilli content or so I thought. Since my bowel operation I had not suffered any problems with the gallstones I knew were lurking in my gall bladder. So, I did not recognise the sensation at first and therefore didn't take the normal avoiding action of laying on my left side which previously, if done quick enough after onset solved the problem, until the next time of course.

So every doctor for a 50 mile radius came for a prod to ensure it was not a complication of the cancer in my liver. Bloods showed infection and I was immediately started on antibiotics and admitted. My gallstone, up to now unhappy, decided it was now incensed and the pain level was unlike anything I Lv Retiro Gm

The young stick thin woman dietician (aren't they always) duly came to see me and she advised me on a low fat and bland diet to stop any further problems with the gallstones until it was prudent to take action on them.

My sister Louis Vuitton 2017 Phone Case

have ever experienced.

Thankfully, they were both used to the strange effects of this drug and were endlessly patient with me. But on the two occasions I have taken morphine I have hazy memories of staff looking at me as though I was a lunatic, which I am sure was rightly the question in their minds at the time.

Lv Sunglasses Women

During chemo with liver surgery planned was not the time to stop for different problems that could be avoided. So I did listen and comply. Although, like most well padded people, the automatic reaction to the slim advising on diet is hard to control.

After a couple of days in the Clinical Decision Unit I was transferred to a ward. By now I was off morphine so reasonably sane and compliant again, thanks to the first class service.

The site of pain of course was primarily in the same place as the liver. Louis Vuitton Key Holder Pouch

The pain therefore gradually increased and eventually my temperature started to rise. I still wasn't thinking gallstones and was more convinced by now that it was a lower lung infection, as it also felt like a tight band around my torso under my ribs.

Lv Sunglasses Women

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