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Lv Metis Damier

He urged people to stick with the new system and said it had got off to a great start Lv Metis Damier with people enjoying the chance to recycle glass and food waste.

"People are taking the time to separate rubbish into all these bins and they just tipped it all in together. I don't want to get anyone into trouble but it feels like we are being lied to and it's a complete farce."

removed and recycled.

He said: "We are shocked and horrified at the footage. A lot of hard work has gone into preparing the new scheme and residents have been diligently separating their rubbish as we asked.

"We would like to apologise and reassure residents that this is was an isolated incident and we are working to ensure it does not happen again."

In Crawley our bin men throw bin bags on the ground, splitting the bags and ignoring the small pile of rubbish now on public display. They suddenly cannot drive the big dust cart round corners and mount the kerbs killing the grass verges and leaving massive destruction. I am sure this never happened years ago. The rubbish is all over Crawley. I cycle and every 5ft there is domestic rubbish scattered and blown in the wind. So this story doesn't surprise me and quite frankly now all this has gone private the service is dreadful and embarrassing for us in Crawley.

Serco's lead contract manager, Sean Trotter, said staff had undergone "extensive training" to prepare for the changes.

Lv Metis Damier

Mr Council said: "I only went out to have a look at the brand new lorries. But then I saw what they were doing.

He added: "We are investigating this incident with the individuals involved and will be taking the appropriate action which may include disciplinary measures.

is completely unacceptable and we are very sorry. Clearly we will be looking at what we pay Serco in these circumstances."

After the Times showed the video to council officials, chief executive Colin Carmichael promised action.

Lv Metis Damier

This is not the first time it's happened.

Lv Metis Damier

Lv Metis Damier

Staff at the recycling centre will be asked to check the waste so that any Lv Iphone Case 2017

items in the wrong section can be Lv Bags

Lv Metis Damier

Lv Metis Damier

´╗┐Film shows binmen breaking new rules

Lv Metis Damier

Lv Metis Damier

Lv Metis Damier

In parts of Margate it was happening all the time for years when blue bags for recycling were used. We spent time washing out tins and plastic bottles just to see the blue bags picked up with the black ones and chucked into the back of the wagon together. It was annoying when you had spent time and trouble sorting and cleaning the items to be recycled then saw them put with the general household waste. It made no difference phoning the Council either. The Council eventually stopped the blue bags system because they said it was being abused by the resident refugees using the bags for general rubbish. Now, we only get paper and cardboard recycled. We want to recycle all our rubbish but it wont be collected.

The video, taken by resident Colin Council, shows the paper and card container being emptied into the plastic and glass bin, which is then hoisted onto the lorry.

"To then see this happening Louis Vuitton Limited Edition 2018

Lv Metis Damier

Lv Metis Damier

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