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Louis Vuitton Volta

"They said they wouldn't know for sure until they operated. Alarm bells went off when I found it hard to recover after gigs.

"I thought it best to give her some space. I hoped we'd sort things out but unfortunately Wallet Louis Vuitton Price

´╗┐Fish opens his heart to reveal divorce hell after second marriage

"We were in the middle of a recession so the clinic wasn't picking up enough business. The only job opportunities were in London. I understand why Katie left. She wasn't fulfilled. There were things she needed I just couldn't provide.

said: "Our wedding day was the most romantic moment I've had in my whole life.

"I was getting a hoarseness and it wasn't going away. It was very scary but I just had to deal with it."

"We met on St Valentine's Day and it was great. It was obvious we were still very much in love and had two great days. I thought it was all going to work again. She phoned and said: 'Maybe I should come home and sort things out'.

it didn't happen. We're still both very much in love but we just can't make it work."

But Fish real name Derek Dick claims Katie could not stand his idyllic rural lifestyle on a farm in East Lothian where he Lv Sunglasses For Ladies

Luckily, the problem was a cyst and he has had two operations to remove it. Now he is to record new album Feast Of Consequences in June.

Louis Vuitton Volta

"After 24 hours, she'd changed her mind. I felt there was nothing being offered from her. She wanted me to move down to London and that's just not me. I lived there in the 1980s and hated the place. I decided to seek a divorce. I had to walk away. I couldn't carry on living like that."

He said: "Katie had been going on about my general health so I quit smoking and Louis Vuitton Volta drinking and went to a gym. I lost stones and convinced her I was looking after myself.

"I was annoyed. But if it meant sacrificing one New Year to save our marriage, I was willing to do that.

It's his third failed relationship after his first marriage to blonde German model Tamara Nowy, who starred in the video for Marillion hit Kayleigh, ended in 2001. The couple have a daughter Tara, 19, who lives with Fish.

Louis Vuitton Volta

grows his own vegetables and indulges his passion for gardening.

Fish, 51, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Aviator

Louis Vuitton Volta

Louis Vuitton Volta

"I felt there was still a chance for it to work but she didn't see it that way. I knew if I didn't create an end point, the pain, frustration and loss would go on forever. I couldn't have my life put on pause."

Louis Vuitton Volta

A planned second wedding to Heather Findlay, the singer of pop group Mostly Autumn and who was 19 years younger than Fish, in 2007 was cancelled weeks before the ceremony after invitations had been sent to 250 guests.

Fish said: "We built a garden and hoped to develop a Good Lifestyle vibe. Katie was going to open a clinic in the area so she could be financially independent.

After their split, Fish went on holiday alone to Costa Rica.

"We were only two miles from Haddington but when it's freezing and thick with snow, that's a big two miles. Katie missed her family on stage with Marillion in1997 and social scene in London. She left just after Christmas and was supposed to come home on Hogmanay but didn't.

"But when I came back, I didn't even know where she was living in London. I couldn't doorstep her with a bunch of flowers and say: 'Can we sort this out?'

Louis Vuitton Volta

The former Marillion frontman battled depression as he came to terms with the split.

"My telephone bill from Costa Rica was enormous. I'd phone constantly saying, 'Please offer me a solution'.

"It became clear she wasn't coming back. I knew she wasn't happy but didn't know what to do about it.

Louis Vuitton Volta

Louis Vuitton Volta

"The first summer Katie and I had together was wonderful. But in winter the farm got very isolated. You can get cabin fever very easily.

Fish and Katie planned to live their version of The Good Life, the hit BBC TV sit com starring Richard Bryers and Felicity Kendal as a couple who become self sufficient and shun the rat race.

Louis Vuitton Volta

Louis Vuitton Volta

He admitted the quiet countryside drove Katie "stir crazy" and she yearned to return to the bright lights of London and her career as an occupational therapist.

To add to Fish's troubles, he also feared he had throat cancer last year and would never sing again.

Louis Vuitton Volta

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