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Wallet Lv Original

Mr Willson stood up to leave, patted down his pockets and, realising something was missing, asked: "Where's my tobacco?"

Wallet Lv Original

Wallet Lv Original

A third man, Henry Skeels, was also in the flat and although he was initially arrested he was released without charge and gave evidence that helped convict the pair.

Wallet Lv Original

´╗┐Flatmates jailed for near

"He is very aware of his scar and if he catches sight of himself, for example in a shop window, it upsets him. I am very pleased with the lengths of the sentences."

He continued: "They were in for the afternoon or the evening. At some point the mood started to turn ugly."

Mr Willson was also unhappy and "started to feel a bit nervous as he didn't quite like the way things were turning out", Mr Rees said.

Officers forced their way in and discovered the two offenders inside, standing at the top of a flight of stairs, both behaving in an "aggressive and agitated" manner and warning police not to approach them.

During a trial at Maidstone Crown Court, it emerged that all four men had been drinking heavily in the graveyard of St Michael's Church, Sittingbourne, on the day of the stabbing, consuming a mixture of vodka, cider and lager.

Martin charged down the stairs at officers and was "quickly restrained", Mr Rees said, but Allen "held a hammer aloft, above his head, and behaved in an intimidating and threatening manner" so officers fired a Taser to subdue him.

While the victim was taken to hospital, officers were able to follow a trail of Mr Willson's blood from the police station, more than a mile to the front door of the flat where he had been knifed.

The detective concluded: "It has affected his life. He has become an introvert, he is forever looking over his shoulder and he finds it very difficult to be out in public.

Mr Rees said Mr Skeels told jurors: "I thought they were going to kill him."

Mr Rees said the statement was like a trigger.

Wallet Lv Original

Wallet Lv Original

Get your facts straight, Allen was jailed for GBH not attempted murder. And to say it was an unprovoked attack is a load of rubbish, i am a relative of one of the accused and it wasnt like that at all. Mr Wilson as you call him started the fight but now plays the victim, he is a bully who tried picking on the wrong people and come unstuck. The police pretty much dictated to witnesses what to say, one witnesses interview was stopped 3 times and everytime it restarted his story changed. The Kent Police are inept, racist and corrupt, how can you be jailed for protecting yourself in your own house, the law stinks!

He continued: "The two men immediately rushed him and took him to the ground. They repeatedly struck him with the knife. Martin handed it to Allen and that's when the damage was done. It was a repeated, frenzied attack."

Mr Lv Capucines Bag

Wallet Lv Original

Mr Willson was "ejected" from the flat by Allen and began the long journey to the police station, aware he was seriously injured but taking a less busy route as he was concerned about his disfigured appearance, Mr Rees said.

Speaking exclusively to the Gazette after the sentencing, Detective Steve Rees who dealt with the case said: "A wound on the side of his Louis Vuitton Crossbody

Although Mr Willson's physical scars are healing, Mr Rees fears the victim's psychological scars from the vicious and unprovoked attack will remain with him for a long time.

throat was very close to the jugular. It was a frenzied attack and had they gone any closer, David Willson might Louis Vuitton Venus Handbag

not have lived to tell the tale."

The detective revealed a game started involving a knife from the kitchen and Allen and Martin were boasting about having previously spent time in prison.

Skeels, the detective said, picked the knife up and moved it towards him, away from the offenders, at some point because he "wasn't too happy".

After being moved on by a PCSO and having some alcohol confiscated, the men went back to the flat, buying more booze on the way, Mr Rees said.

Wallet Lv Original

Wallet Lv Original

Mr Willson required facial reconstruction surgery at the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.

Wallet Lv Original

Mr Willson arrived at Wallet Lv Original Sittingbourne police station at 9.45pm on the day of the attack, bleeding profusely from what Mr Rees described as an "horrendous", 12cm long facial wound, saying he had been attacked my two men.

Wallet Lv Original

Wallet Lv Original

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